Our Mission

The mission of Greene Gables Elementary School is to provide a high standard of quality education by maintaining open communication to ensure that the integrity of the curriculum is consistent between our grades through:

  • Providing a variety of developmentally appropriate learning activities within a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment.
  • Empowering each child to strive to attain his/her greatest potential within a classroom setting that builds self-esteem and encourages intrinsically motivated activities.
  • Monitoring the flow of curriculum to ensure smooth transition through the grades.
  • Promoting communication among teachers, administrators and parents to maintain a climate of mutual cooperation, understanding and respect.

To these ends, Greene Gables elementary School plans, organizes and evaluates activities to create a challenging, educationally appropriate experience for the children in grades kindergarten through fifth.


"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget"


Dear Parents

The 2020-2021 semester at Greene Gables promises excitement, challenge and great reward. Our personalized approach to education encourages your child's confidence so that learning becomes a joyfully and creative experience.

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2020-2021 Priority Registration

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