Our School takes Pride in our Students

We believe that children should acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for enlightened participation and leadership in society. Greene Gables School therefore provides an academic curriculum which develops skills needed for proficiency in the areas of language, math, social sciences, fine arts, computer and physical education. The emphasis throughout is to help children stretch beyond the basics to develop critical thinking and creative expression in all areas. Our central purpose is to awaken in each child a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

We believe that each child is a unique individual with their own strengths and capabilities. Our school therefore provides a program that challenges each child while maximizing his or her opportunities for success. We seek to nurture the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual essence of each child by providing a warm and loving environment.

We believe that the teacher is the key to achieving the educational excellence to which we aspire. Teachers are the cornerstone of our school efforts to stimulate identity, to inspire the love of learning and to encourage students to become concerned and caring human beings. In partnership with parents and school administration, teachers accomplish these goals through constant and open communication, and through their actions as role models. Teachers strive to strengthen their actions as role models. Teachers strive to strengthen a student's identity, foster their self esteem and enhance their sensitivity to the world around them.


"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget"


Dear Parents

The 2022-2023 semester at Greene Gables promises excitement, challenge and great reward. Our personalized approach to education encourages your child's confidence so that learning becomes a joyfully and creative experience.

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